Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hack And Generator 2018

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hack

The goal of the game is to convert a humble Hollywood upstart to a famous celebrity by going through the series of quests, shoot, socialite activities and promotional events. There are different levels including clothes, dating and activity of marriage and the player boosts the star power and reaches to A-list. If you want to learn about Kim Kardashian Hollywood cheats and tips by playing it on your iOS then you are at the right place. Let’s have a look that how should you play the game.

Clothing Guide

You first need to buy clothes to move up in the world of Hollywood so by the time you get famous, you start wearing fancier clothes. You can choose from a number of shirts, skirts and accessories available in the wardrobe of Kardashian that are copied according to the celebrity’s style. Hearts and stars appear when you but clothes and then they disappear once you have bought them.

Taking Selfies

After wearing your selected outfit and accessories, you start taking selfies by choosing the location and preferred poses. There is option of posing with Kim and significant others.


You also have a choice to visit a number of cities where there are places to socialize and work following a good lifestyle. You need to pay for the transportation for getting in each of the city. At the start, the manager guides the celebrity, but afterwards finding location becomes a confused and expensive activity. You can even by private plan to save money and follow the map to go towards your destination. You can select from locations in California, Out-of-state and international locations as well.

Homes and Pets

Being a tenant of famous and less luxurious DeLuxe Lifestyle Apartment, you change your living apartment. When you start moving in better gigs, it increases your star power and change residences.

Owning a House

There are many options of properties that you can see on the screen in the table. You can buy any of the homes or win a home when you compete with other celebrities.

Significant Other’s Home

The moment you start dating and converting your relation in a more serious relation then you will have different keys of the places that you are allowed to visit. Win extra points and levels by greeting them every day. You can also break with the existing person and date someone else for changing the home by visiting People and Dating section.

Furnish Your House

You can also buy your favorite furniture for your home and get more popular by doing this activity. It will assist you rising in the A-List.
Adopt a Pet You can get benefits by adopting a pet as a pet contributes in the gameplay because it provides energy, money and extra level points. Tapping on the pet that you can see in your home will help you order the required award. The player pays stars and money for adopting the pet such as the Kitty in Downtown L.A, but you will also be promoted. If you do not have enough stars at the moment then you can return later and adopt the pet.

Quick Tips about Money and Rewards

Good performance and promotion in various locations can help you earn hidden money and rewards after every two minutes.
Clubs and restaurants have money have more stars, rewards such as energy lightening and you can get it by tapping wine bottle.
Make more friends and start adding more people in your contacts for getting bonuses at your available gigs.
Adopt more pets and meet more people for receiving experience more points.

Earn Money

Working at places such as Kardash Calabases, New York and So Chic stores will help you earn more money. You can also watch videos for earning free silvers per day. Get unlimited energy by turning off automatic Date and Time option in your device setting and setting 30-60 minutes forward time. Your energy will refill with this option. Get energy sources of 10-15 points after few minutes of playing the game.

Find Hidden Money and Rewards

You can collect hidden money and rewards by checking the available box and make money in the break time. You can also collect different rewards twice a time through events held in the bars.


Now it is important to remember that there are not few levels as the game has 32 levels and when you start wearing more clothes and go to more locations, you move from one level to another. Go to the club, drink and gossip with people and get more points through charming people. Add game through Facebook and say hello to restaurants. Tab on the hidden money and pets for getting more rewards. Earn 24 gigs that can give you 24 points.

Gigs and Jobs

There is also option of getting the most bangs from the game’s energy buck because there is an option of a lot of stars that you can have. The best way to win the game is to work in a smarter way but not in a harder way because through this strategy, you can get more bonus stars. Your friends can also help you earn more as when you start inviting someone by tapping on the icon of the person, you will receive more energy.

Quick Tips

You can get a job at any of the store and start collecting rewards at a time when you don’t have good level. Get 5 stars for rising faster and getting to the A-list. If your energy level has completed then you can get 5 stars. Complete the gigs that have shorter time and ask your manager for what else he might he has for you. Date people and marry the suitable person and win the game.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hack To Help You Progress in the game

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